Paris, 17 September: co-presenting an SFT Matinale on Seth Godin’s altMBA

Once a month the SFT’s Paris delegation holds a Saturday morning get-together open to all comers, with a speaker on a topic of interest to translators. This September, Laurence Cuzzolin (an outstanding Eng & German>French translator) and I will team up to discuss insights gleaned from Seth Godin’s intensive altMBA program—which I took in June 2015, and Laurence in spring 2016. Full details here.

As always, there will be a Vois-là mon travail table where attendees can display work they’ve done. Total alignment with Seth’s philosophy here: if you’ve translated it and sold it—oh, and are proud of it (and shouldn’t you be, if you’re selling it to clients who trust you?)—sign it, people.

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