The #RuckusmakersChallenge

Testing, testing. The first of eight blogposts. Trial run.

In early spring 2015, I took part in an exceptionally stimulating Ruckusmaker weekend led by Seth Godin, whose blog and other writings I’ve long admired.

Eighty fired-up participants brought enthusiasm, energy, curiosity and an urge to change the world for the better. (Plus some jitters; only natural.) Seth contributed the big picture, along with concrete advice on overcoming obstacles, maintaining focus and transforming visions into projects that can actually ship.

In this initial set of eight posts, I explored how some of his insights apply to hot issues in translation and to my own personal challenge: raising awareness in the general public of how expert human translators work, and how that expertise can be harnessed to make life better. And allow translators to secure the income and recognition they need to shape their working conditions—and get even better at what they do.


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