About me

Chris Durban is a French>English translator based in Paris, specializing in finance, business and crisis communications. She translates nearly every day and enjoys it immensely.

But she also grapples with promoting the profession as a whole—no easy matter when so many translators embrace the shadows with such gusto.

How can professional translators help translation buyers—who are often monolingual— make better choices? Let’s not forget that most are buying the ultimate pig in a poke; clients who realize this are understandably anxious.

And where to start when the service you’re selling is traditionally noticed only when the supplier screws up? What to do when translators are themselves so aggressively shy and/or keen to stay out of the line of fire—or prone to navel-gazing rants when thrust into the spotlight?

The original seven blogposts suggest some paths ahead based on insights gleaned at Seth Godin’s Ruckusmaker weekend in early 2015. Related writing can be found at the altMBA alum site (Chris took part in Seth’s first altMBA course in June-July 2015).

Others posts here address upcoming events.

(NB:  That definitive blogpost explaining the meaning of life/translation has eluded me so far, but I do develop the points it will one day contain in my presentations for associations and at other events.)



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