“Dealing with shades of grey” at BP18 in Vienna (April 20)

On April 20 I’ll be speaking in at Csaba Bán’s endlessly enticing BP18 event in Vienna, zeroing in on revision. “An exercise in sado-masochism?” asks one attendee.
Not necessarily.

From my shades-of-grey blurb:

Most experienced translators have been called in at least once to give their opinion of an existing translation. The requester may be earnestly curious, mildly suspicious, or actively seeking expert help to turn a bad situation around.  Enter “quality”, “subjectivity” and, say some, “nitpicking”. Or possibly indignation.

How, precisely, should a serious and ethical professional translator respond to the client’s request, judge the first effort, explain her assessment to the customer, and, if necessary, deliver the (revamped) goods? This presentation looks at the process, the questions, and the obligations on all  sides—including the client and the original translator.

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