April 28: Filthy lucre in Boston at NETA’s 22nd annual conference

I’ll be discussing translators’ fraught relationship with money in the endnote session of NETA’s 22nd annual conference, to be held on April 28 in collaboration with and at UMass Boston.

From the blurb: How much should translators charge? What is “fair”—or is that even relevant? When does pricing (up or down) get arrogant or (gasp) abusive? And does the mere act of bargaining devalue our status as intellectual service providers? (So tacky! So… capitalist.) All this when most translators are simply looking for a way to make the case for the value they create with ease, grace—and success. Why is that so hard?

Note: I referred to an early version of this talk in my presentation on working with direct clients at a language conference in Washington, DC in October 2017, commenting that my proposal had been refused by a (nervous) association. That association was obviously not NETA (go NETA go!).

Experienced translators interested in taking the discussion a step further (and ramping up their own practice along the way) may be interested in a new session of my Business Acceleration Masterclass for Translators & Interpreters the next day, hosted by the Cambridge Center for Adult Education near Harvard Square.

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